Semaglutide Weight Loss Services and Insurance Coverage Tips

Semaglutide Weight Loss Services And Insurance Coverage Tips

Semaglutide Weight Loss Services & Insurance Coverage Tips

Due to the rising amount of litigation surrounding Compounded Medical Weight Loss Medications, underwriters are requiring additional information such as:

  • What weight loss medications are being offered?
  • If Semaglutide:
    • Compounded?
    • If so, by whom?
    • Are there any sodium/acetate ingredients?
    • Pills or injections?
    • If injections, is this self-administered or administered by our Insured?
  • Are patient assessments being performed?
  • With what frequency is our Insured monitoring patients on weight loss drugs?
  • Any services offered to minors?


Underwriters require additional information regarding Compounded Medical Weight Loss Medications in light of growing litigation. This includes a comprehensive account of weight loss medication, patient assessments, monitoring frequency, among other crucial details. For practices that provide semaglutide, the average premium cost starts at $5,000.

We encourage you to contact a WMPG representative for more information.


Written by:

Mark Holsbeke, Licensed Agent